Protectors of the Light / Leaders of the Red Road

Diguiser of flaws / Creator of Nitecreme

Red Road single cover_WEB.jpeg

“Quite rousing and edgy.” - EARMILK 

“Really superb track! Love the energy! Very early Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Loved the vocal!” - Alternative Alpaca 


“A confident electronic and pop sound with a bit of a fierce rock and punk undertone.”

- We All Want Someone to Shout For 


“Nervous, frontal, electric.” - High Clouds Magazine


“Very Peaches / Karen O feel to the vocals, edgy and full of fire.” - Analogue Trash 


“Wow, this is a huge sound!” - All Authentic, Ella Goldin 


“Enjoyable edginess.” - Indie Shuffle 

"Eerie and edgy.” - The Revue

“Has YYY, Peaches, and Republica vibes mixed in one. That's what you do. Which you do so well. Rockin' indeed, in that SD way.” - Come Here Floyd 

"A blitzkrieg of blisteringly blissful bangers that each have a life of their own

but also come together to create a powerhouse of an album. 

Stuntdriver is like Peaches, Yeah Yeah Yeahs...Red Knife Lottery, L7, and Metric

all decided to make a record together only better. 

This record will kick your ass in the best ways and have you crawling back for more. - The Sounds Won’t Stop 

"...evokes Siouxsie and the Banshees, particularly in Kym Priess’ vocals"

- Break Every Rule