saga: the concept album

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Theatrical, absurd & whimsically dark, STUNTDRIVER is not just another band in black. STDR is an electro-rock performance art-driven rock spectacle that’s out to woo you and save the world. The act was formed in 2018 to accompany a wild, immersive multi-media production complete with actors, musicians and a Yellow Brick Road-like set in LA. STDR has continued on as a “band” playing the likes of Echo Park Rising, Zebulon, Satellite, LA residencies and was in route to play SXSW, right before Covid. 


Its “Diva” Knievel white racecar suits, gold helmets, Bladerunner-inspired makeup, Janet Jackson-esque choreography, heavy audience interaction and a dark, yet infectious, electroclash rock opera vibe that makes everyone feel like they’re on the same punk rock team.  The bold undertaking is spearheaded by campy, fierce performance artist/music-maker Kym Priess and playfully examines the age-old battle of Light and Dark. 


The songs from the living album, immersive experience are being released September 24, 2021 on Rock Hand Records as the concept album “SAGA.” Bandmembers have included Jimmy Lucido (Nightmare Air, Electric Six), Ryan James, John Avila (OingoBoingo), and Anton Söder, who are both producers on the record. The eight-track album was mastered by Grammy winner, Gavin Lurssen (Iggy Pop,Alice Cooper, Cat Power, Social Distortion.) Mike Bloom (Rilo Kiley, Julian Casablancas) also makes a guitar cameo on experimental jam “Funeral for a Fantasy.” 


Visceral, campy, choreographed music videos are consistent with STDR’s message of battling dark and light forces — examining mask & identity in new-wave/post-rock track “Plastic Faces,” eradicating flaws with yellow sponges in barn-burner “Bad Bath” and the video by New Yorker Magazine animator Patricia Luna for the dance-rock single “Fugitive” that premiered on New Noise Magazine. STDR even made a pandemic holiday song called “Curbside Xmas” with an accompanying ridiculous video. See them all here:


Stay tuned for tour dates and the opportunity for the safe interaction of humans, life-size tunnels and yellow sponges used to clean off new friends.


Think of STUNTDRIVER as a choose-your-own-adventure performance art band, whether virtual or in-person whimsically guiding us into otherworldly bliss and confronting the flaws of planet Earth. 


Peaches x Rocky Horror x Siouxsie Sioux with a dab of Cindy Sherman & a splash of Nine Inch Nails. 


New Noise Magazine "With a syncopated beat, heavy synths, anthemic choruses, and backing vocals from John Avila (yup, of OingoBoingo), “Fugitive” begs the questions: “Are we Fugitives or Drivers on a collision course with our demons?

A&R Factory "It’s super-charged with playful Punk energy and there’s plenty of theatrical flair to well and truly set the artist apart from the rest.  It’s fierce, but the ferocity doesn’t dilute the sultry and playfully sardonic approach which STUNTDRIVER took with FUGITIVE, which may just be the most volatile track I’ve heard this year. If you’re a fan of the Distillers, you’ll definitely want the LA artist on your radar."

Earmilk  "Quite rousing and edgy." 

Come Here Floyd “Has YYY, Peaches, and Republica vibes mixed in one. That's what you do. Which you do so well. Rockin' indeed, in that SD way.”

Alternative Alpaca "Love the energy! Very early Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Loved the vocal!”

We All Want Someone to Shout For “A confident electronic and pop sound with a bit of a fierce rock and punk undertone.”


SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS INCLUDE : Hype Machine, LaMusicScene, From the Strait, Gritty in Pink