Theatrical, absurd & whimsically dark, STUNTDRIVER is not just another band in black. STDR is an electro-rock performance art-driven rock spectacle that’s out to woo and save the world. It was formed in 2018 to accompany a wild, immersive multi-media production complete with actors, musicians and a Yellow Brick Road-like set in LA. STDR has continued on as a “band” with immsersive, interactive elements in tact - expect yellow sponges, tunnels to crawl thru and plastic wrapping at the next live show you experience ! 


SAGA was released 9.24.21 on Rock Hand Records.  


Its “Diva” Knievel white racecar suits, gold helmets, Bladerunner-inspired makeup, Janet Jackson-like choreography, heavy audience interaction and a dark, yet infectious, electroclash rock opera vibe makes everyone feel like they’re on the same punk rock team. The bold undertaking is spearheaded by campy, fierce performance artist/musicmaker Kym Priess and playfully examines the age-old battle of Light and Dark. 


Bandmembers have included Jimmy Lucido (Nightmare Air, Electric Six), Ryan James, Andrew Ransom, John Avila (Oingo Boingo), and Anton Söder, who are both producers on the record. "SAGA" was mastered by Grammy winner, Gavin Lurssen ( Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Social Distortion.) Mike Bloom (Rilo Kiley, Julian Casablancas) makes a guitar cameo on experimental jam “Funeral for a Fantasy.” 

Fun fact: The STDR suits were made by the rave mad hatter hat maker, Stephen Baldry. 


Think Siouxsie x Peaches X Karen O with a dash of NIN, a splash of Rocky Horror and a sprinkle of conceptual artist Cindy Sherman devoured inside Pee Wee’s Playhouse. 



Kym Priess is an LA-based adventurous, bold multi-media performance and musical artist who is also an actor. Her creations are highly influenced by the Wizard of Oz, the art of drag / disguise / alter egos, vivid imagery, 80s/90s music videos, fairy tales, old comic books, human interaction and rock ’n roll wizardry. 

Kym’s work pushes boundaries, forms and comfort levels yet maintains a whimsical, absurd and curious tone. Her multi-disciplinary projects have been seen in music venues, galleries, theaters, non-traditional locations and federal prisons in New York, LA, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Honolulu and Austin since the 1990s.

Since 2017, her main hybrid musical focus has been STUNTDRIVER, an adventure rock spectacle, that straddles the lines of art and rock in a dancy electro-rock way that originally debuted at LA’s Highways Performance Space with a sold-out pair of wild, immersive shows. 

Priess has been described as “critical to the existence of the dragon in you” (ComeHereFloyd) and earned comparisons to Siouxsie Sioux and Joan Jett (LaBuzzBand’s Kevin Bronson). This discipline bender’s career took root in the NYU experimental theater world sparking theatrical, comedic, vivid works and a rock opera that was awarded “Best of the Fringe” (SF Fringe Festival). As a musician, Priess has written 300 songs, toured extensively , shared stages with Exene Cervenka and Fishbone and sings backup on William Shatner’s Spirit in the Sky.  Priess was born in Austin, Texas, loves roadtrips, tubing down a river and and does her own stunts whenever she can.

“Unique and has a great energy." - Mix-It-All-Up

"If Rocky Horror & Clockwork Orange had a baby and enrolled it in the future."- Robb McCaffree, Designer

"A Live action music video! Like being inside 10 music videos in under an hour!"

- Kim V, Event Producer

"...the almost operatic and dramatic performances of the band is critical to the existence of the dragon in you. Your heart pumps, but gently...The raking vocals and punk growls, wake you up to the savory goodness of the band. Kym Priess is your gal, and she’s here to rip your face off. You like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey, NIN? You’ve come to the right place." - Come Here Floyd 

“Very aggressive, full of emotions and feelings. It seems like there are many influences indeed.”

- Synths of Eden 

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