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A performance-charged, genre-bending rock spectacle, STUNTDRIVER (STDR) began as a solo character-driven project that quickly evolved into a fully immersive concept for its debut record “Saga.”  The album was brought to life with actors, dancers, and a full band in matching white “Diva” Knievel suits on a Yellow Brick Road-type set that led the audience through an interactive, live album experience. 


STDR then hit the road opening for Peaches sold-out 20th anniversary tour and slimmed aerodynamically down to a slick touring group. 


Drawing inspiration from Siouxsie Sioux, Peaches, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Distillers and even Hole, STDR delivers its infectious, bass-driven, dark-synth laced, heavy electro, art rock soundtrack to the crowd as they are seduced out of their comfort zones while simultaneously feeling as though they’ve succeeded in making the world a more inhabitable place.  The titillating live show feels like walking into a party co-hosted by Pee Wee Herman and Elvira in an outer-space Salvador Dalí painting with Dr. Frank-N-Furter & their rocky horror gang, Barbarella, Cindy Sherman, & Evel Knievel in attendance. 


The woman who dazzles art and rock crowds alike with alter-egos, couture racing-inspired attire, a human tunnel, and loud post-punk sing-a-longs, is Kym Priess, multi-instrumentalist, singer, & comedically-swayed performance artist. 


The project is quite mutable as Priess often plays solo but when accompanied, the band members may include her two co-producers of the debut album “Saga, John Avila (OingoBoingo) and Anton Söder, and drummer Jimmy Lucido (Gary Numan, Electric Six.)


Right before they hit the road with Thelma & the Sleaze last December, STDR released an electro-clash cover of "We're a Couple of Misfits,” from the Rudolph holiday claymation classic, after getting legal permission from the man in NYC who owns all the rights to 1960s holiday songs.  


Stay tuned for a new record in 2024, a European tour and new suit colors ;)  


The interdisciplinary pioneerwoman, Kym Priess aka Hawk, feels most alive when she straddles the worlds of physical comedy, clown and rock ’n roll. Born in Austin, based in LA, the comedically-swayed performance artist is also a fierce frontwoman, adventurous musician, writer, captivating live host, actor and acting coach/instructor. 


Kym’s main project since 2018 is STUNTDRIVER, an interactive electro-rock project that debuted as a sold-out immersive experience which now functions as a band / solo act. STDR just finished a tour with Nashville rockers Thelma and the Sleaze and was direct support for the legendary Peaches last summer.  She also released a Sabbath meets Salt n Pepa vibe cover of “We’re a couple of Misfits,” the claymation Rudolph song, last December. The project combines alter-egos, audience participation and a heavy electro-clash rock vibe. Members/Players have included bassist John Avila (OingoBoingo) , drummer Jimmy Lucido (Gary Numan, Electric Six), Swedish producer Anton Söder and Mike Bloom (Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis) although these days, Kym mostly plays alone. 


In the comedy realm, Kym performs comedic, absurd bits all over LA at places like The Elysian, The Clubhouse, Three Clubs and more. She’s known for her confrontational positivity and feral, unhinged characters. 


She is currently working on a new solo show entitled “Loser Lion” to tour Europe/Fringe circuit Summer 2024 and launched a very fun variety show called "Hawk's FD Up Variety Show' which features an array of wild entertainers from drag to burlesque to clown to magic to rock and more! 


Kym developed her fun and curious style in the 90s at NYU’s Experimental Theater Wing after which were born one-woman shows, a rock opera she penned after a solo jaunt to Central America, awarded “Best of the San Fransisco Fringe” and multiple bands with some songs landing on Vanderpump Rules and Siesta Keys. She also sings backup on William Shatner’s Spirit in the Sky. The wild woman plays bass, accordion, and keys but is mostly known for her dynamic vocal range. 


This genre-bender takes no prisoners when it comes to the mediums she works in.

Her work pushes boundaries, forms and comfort levels yet maintains a fun-loving, absurd, feral and curious tone and has been seen in music venues, galleries, theaters, non-traditional locations and federal prisons in New York, LA, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Honolulu and Austin since the 1990s.

Priess has been described as “critical to the existence of the dragon in you” (ComeHereFloyd) and earned comparisons to Siouxsie Sioux and Joan Jett (LaBuzzBand’s Kevin Bronson). She does her own stunts whenever she can.


Recent acting credits include: an AppleTV comedy with reality star/Billboard musician, Adam Barta, playing rising country star Tony Martinez’s crazy girlfriend in his video “Why You Gotta be Crazy?”, being the fun, jaded aunt in an upcoming short with Carmelita Hughes and just completed writing her first dark comedy pilot. 


When not creating, traveling or performing, Kym prefers to be tubing down a river.

“Unique and has a great energy." - Mix-It-All-Up

"If Rocky Horror & Clockwork Orange had a baby and enrolled it in the future."- Robb McCaffree, Designer

"A Live action music video! Like being inside 10 music videos in under an hour!"
- Kim V, Event Producer

"...the almost operatic and dramatic performances of the band is critical to the existence of the dragon in you. Your heart pumps, but gently...The raking vocals and punk growls, wake you up to the savory goodness of the band. Kym Priess is your gal, and she’s here to rip your face off. You like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey, NIN? You’ve come to the right place." - Come Here Floyd 

“Very aggressive, full of emotions and feelings. It seems like there are many influences indeed.”
- Synths of Eden 

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